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How To Study Effectively To Achieve Your Goals. Top 10 Best Study Techniques

How To Study Effectively To Achieve Your Goals. Top 10 Best Study Techniques

1. Motivate yourself first - Watch some motivational videos, read inspiring stories, or look at other people that have what you want to have to get motivated to study effectively.

2. Take Good Breaks - 50 Minutes of work followed by 5–10 minutes of rest. Set yourself a timer and actually relax when the time comes.

3. Plan as much as you can - Plan exactly what you study and how and when you will take your breaks. This eliminates the possibilities of distractions sneaking in.

4. Move more - Stand up during your breaks and actually leave your desk. Get your blood pumping a bit and run around a bit. It will make a huge difference.

5. Know why you need to study - What is your purpose for studying right now? Why are you working so hard? Know why you do what you do to

6. Learn in a various ways - Don’t just read. Record yourself to listen or watch yourself, draw it out, or teach someone else. Every way you can learn will lodge it better in your mind for recall later!

7. Focus on one thing at a time - Study one thing and finish it for the day. This will allow you to put it behind so that thinking about it later won’t distract you.

8. Study Outside - Do NOT study in the same room you relax in/live in. Go to the library, sit outside, or grab a chair in a café to keep distractions at a minimum.

9. Have fun with it - The more fun you can have while studying the more you will want to study. Listen to good music, move around a bit and smile!

10. Do the toughest thing first - Not only will you have less to worry about throughout the day, but it will also give you a great deal of motivation and you will feel more empowered as you already finished the toughest thing before breakfast!

Stop being less than you can be and reach your goals. 

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