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5 Ways To Boost Your Brain Performance

5 Ways To Boost Your Brain Performance

Psychological tricks work wonders to get the best out of anyone. Here are some of the daily psychological habits that can boost your brain performance and trick it to achieve anything you want.
1. Challenge your brain. 
Once in a while do something that makes you uncomfortable or makes you scared, hence, challenges your abilities. Stepping out of your comfort zone not just helps you break your limits but offers you mental growth. This keeps your mind alert and prevents it to become lazy. So if you are an introvert do a stand-up, if you avoid talking to people start teaching(maybe in an NGO) etc.
2. Quality sleep and Short breaks
The human brain is more productive than any machine in the world but there is just one difference between both. Our brain needs break and a quality sleep to get back on with life. Instead of completing the task in hand completely exhausted its better you take small breaks like sing a song, grab a snack, go out into nature or maybe playing your guitar. This will keep your moods up and help you in giving more than 100% every time you get to your work desk. This needs to be balanced with a quality sleep of 7–8 hours a day.
3. Brain boosting diet
Food is really underappreciated when it comes to brain development and health. Constant flow of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and minerals go a long way in creating that perfect functioning of the brain. Some super brain foods you must start with right now are Avocados, Blueberries, Fish (especially Salmon) , Eggs, Spinach, Walnuts( the kings in this department).
A reduced caloric intake has been seen as directly proportional to a lower risk of mental decline in old age. Vitamins like Folic acid, B6, and B12 help lower your homocysteine levels, high levels of which have been linked to an increased risk of dementia. So eat smart and stay smart.
4. Laughter Therapy
This one is my all time favorite and very simple. Just laugh. Just smile. The reason that laughter is the best medicine because it strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, destroys pain and negates stress in the body. So crack jokes with your colleagues, being serious sometimes is great but being serious every time is equally terrible. Watch a funny movie, attend stand-up comedy shows and make fun of your friends(IN A POSITIVE SENSE).
5. Hit the Gym or get into Yoga
In a healthy body, resides a healthy brain. Scientifically exercise is important to make sure oxygen rich blood reaches your brain and other parts of your body. In short, it decontaminates your body. So do something towards keeping yourself fit and engage into physical exercise. If you area working parent and can’t spare time for exercise, take your kids into the field every evening and just run with them. The point is to pump up yourself.
I wish you the best!

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