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How To Attract a Smart Guy With a Good Personality

How To Attract a Smart Guy With a Good Personality

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Truly said"

Attracting a smart man with good personality can be a very difficult task for a lot of women today. Men are sometimes very unwilling to love and be committed in relationships. 

So, how can you improve your chances of finding a smart guy with a good personality?

Here are the possible ways to attract a smart guy with good personality for relationship;

1. Always smile. This cannot be stressed enough. Smiling makes you appear cheerful and  open, making you more attractive. Although, don't over-do it. They don't  want to see a fake smile, so don't show your teeth. Try biting the  insides of your cheeks when you smile, this will give you greater  definition of your cheekbones and make your smile appear mysterious

2. Pick your good side. Look in the mirror and ask these questions: Do I appear more attractive from  my left or right side? Or, do I look better straight on? Decide on  where you look most advantageous and use it everyday. Don't sit exactly  side-on to someone if your nose looks bad in portrait. Sit at an angle.

3. Be clean. Nobody will  find you attractive if you smell and look dirty. Make an effort, wash  your hair at least every second day, brush your teeth at least twice a day, shower every day

4. Appear neat. Frequently wash your clothes, iron them, make sure they are not ripped.  Make sure they fit correctly, if not take them in or alter them. Always  clean your shoes. Men like girls who have shiny, healthy hair. Make  sure it's always neat.

5. Use make-up (optional). Do not pile it on. Use concealer or foundation to cover blemishes, a minimal amount of mascara  to make your eyes more sultry, and a hint of blush to make you look  fresh and youthful. Find the good features in your face and highlight  them. For example, if you have nice eyes highlight them with eyeliner or  eye-shadow, but leave the rest of your face natural. This will make your  eyes stand out.

6. Be healthy. Not by starving yourself and going to the  gym, because in the eyes of men curves are pretty, not sticks. Just eat  more healthy food than junk and find a type of exercise that suits you,  even if its as minimal as walking somewhere instead of driving, or  doing sit ups and push ups while watching T.V.

7. Be honest. In every way. Not just in telling others about yourself or what you think of them, but to yourself. Don't decide not to like or do something just because it isn't "cool". Have your own style, be unique, embrace your differences, as this is what makes you  who you are.

8. Be Confident. Confident people have this vibe I can't deny. The way they walk; brisk but strong, the way they stand, the way they talk; small talks big talks, no problem. Wear the confidence.

9. Be positive. If you have a positive attitude and a pleasant personality, people will want to be around you, and that inner beauty will shine through.

10. Treatment. The most important. How you treat people around you, your opinions and your behavior matter to them. Treating him respectfully and sweetly, if not flirting at the first conversation, makes a very good impression upon them. So if you like the guy, just don't come into bitch-mode. Most probably he will run far and never come back.  

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