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7 Qualities Every Woman Must Have For A Healthy Marriage

7 Qualities Every Woman Must Have For A Healthy Marriage

The role of a wife is a dynamic one that is ever evolving and it takes a lot to keep your man happy and your home together. Being a good wife is about the possession of certain qualities and traits that will make you strong and flexible to handle diverse issues as they arise.

Here are the 7 most important qualities every woman must possess for a healthy marriage; 

1. Intimacy
Love your husband and never stop yearning to know him better. Don’t pull away when angry, lean onto him. Husbands desperately wants to get closer to their wives, to feel acknowledged and needed by their wives. Men who are divorcing says, “She never lets me do anything for her” and wives says, “He never does anything for me.” It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Men wants to satisfy their wives by doing things and to be the man who brings his wife pleasure and closeness like no other. Don’t allow the “you” to get in the way of the “us.”

2. Respect
wives needs unconditional love; husbands need unconditional respect. It sounds archaic I know. Often, when a husband loves his wife the way he should, it is easy for a wife to respect her husband. Likewise, when a wife shows respects to her husband, it is easier for him to show love the way he should. While this is usually a nice trade off, it doesn’t always work. Even if a wife doesn’t feel loved by her husband, this isn’t an excuse to not show respect to her husband. Just trust me. Wives who treat their husbands like children, deflate them and this destroys marriages faster than anything else I have seen.

3. Be Dependable and Dependant 
A Husband needs a wife who he can count on when the going gets tough and he needs a wife who he can rely on when he can’t cope. Wives who always “have it all figured out” make husbands feel useless. A man needs to feel needed sometimes but also needs to know that when he needs something, you will always be there.

4. Patience 
she should have patience in plenty with the husband, children, in laws. Rome was not built in a day. She shouldn't keep nagging her husband for her own cars and jewelries for every festival, functions etc. cars and  jewelries will come in due course.

5. Loving and kind nature
she should be loving and kind and not get upset and angry over minor issues with husband, children and in laws.

6. Sex 
Many women use sex as a tool to get what they want. Never ever use sex as a weapon for the fulfillment of your wants. By doing this you are objectifying yourself and putting a price for sex. It doesn't make you any different from a sex worker. Your husband will instantly lose respect for you and search for gratification elsewhere.

7. Submission
Yep I went there. I know this is seriously not popular but I’m not sorry. The husband says, “You never listen to me!” And the wives say, “Are you kidding, if you would stand up and get off the couch and be a man, I would listen!” Then the husband says, “If I ever stood up to you, you'd push me down so hard you'd make me feel stupid!” Then the wife says… you get the picture. Husbands needs to lead their families; wives need to submit and respect their husbands. So scary to say but take a minute to talk to someone married for over 10 years and ask if this makes sense or is it old thinking. You might be surprised at the response.

I welcome conversation around this, I’m just hoping the backlash isn’t too crazy.

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