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Hacks To Becoming A Successful Student

Hacks To Becoming A Successful Student

Here are a few ‘hacks’ to becoming a top performing student. It doesn’t require too much time and effort, but rather ‘smart’ work.
1. Use flashcards - there is truly no better way to memorize and test yourself than with flashcards.
Whether it is memorizing french verbs, finance formulas or historic dates, flashcards are your best friend.
The reason most people don’t utilize them is the initial effort it takes to write them. However, they allow you to memorize stuff in a ridiculously short period of time and you can take them anywhere with you.
2. Use the Pomodoro technique
Study in intervals. While you may think studying 3 consecutive hours is effective, all you’re really causing is your brain getting too tired too fast and ironically, the most ineffective way to retain new information.
Instead, study for about 30 mins., take a 10 minute break and repeat.
3. Teach someone else
The absolute best way to ensure that you actually know the material fully, is to teach it to someone else. This will reveal your blind spots and possible questions someone may ask will prove helpful in getting to know the material even further. And as Einstein once said, 'If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.'
4. Get enough sleep
With this very simple habit - going to bed on time - you will not only become a vastly better student, but your overall life WILL improve. You will be a lot more energetic, retain and process information better, crave less sugar + junk food and actually appear more attractive 
5. Be alert in class
This is one of those ‘work smart, not hard’ tips. If you actually got enough sleep the night before, eat healthy, have sustainable energy levels and make it an effort to be present and focused during lecture, you will save a TON of time because you have a grasp of the material and can ask questions while in class to understand it better. As a result, you don’t have to spend as much time reviewing and visiting your professor after class.

6. Asking questions until understanding

Most professors are very willing to answer students’ questions in the classroom because they want their students to understand the material and it tells them that the students are understanding the material correctly. Good students do not hesitate to ask a few questions. You must not disrupt the whole lecture, and you must not ask the question purely to test the knowledge of your teacher. You should ask genuinely and briefly. Sometimes I have seen really good students taking a moment after class to ask a question that is still unanswered. This way they do not have to disrupt the whole class, and many teachers are willing to do this.

7. Studying with other great minds

I have never understood any subject completely without knowing how well others are understanding it. Studying in a group makes a big difference. Topmost students do spend some time in group studies, but not a whole lot. I have seen them clean up their concepts after they have spent enough time on self studies.

8. Believe everything is easy and simple

You might not understand certain systems at first look, but if you approach it with a simple mind, you will do better. You won't think too much about the details and you will better understand the high-level picture.
9. BONUS: Supplement correctly
Try the first 8 tactics and ONLY then, should you add this bonus. Supplements won’t help you become a top performing student if you aren’t getting any sleep and don’t have proper study strategies.

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