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How To Motivate And Empower Employees To Be More Productive

How To Motivate And Empower Employees To Be More Productive

The importance of your employees being motivated to actually want to do their job is underrated.
Don't let it confuse you - being motivated out of willingness and being motivated out of finances is not the same. You will come to understand that many of your employees are motivated to go to work just because you pay them good or enough.

The transfer is never easy. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to empower your employees to be more involved in the job than just getting it done. But, luckily sometimes it is easier than you think.

1. Communicate

Communication is the number one priority in any sort of relationship in your life. The same goes for your employees. Don't be the boss. Learn how to be a leader. Communicate with your team members about more than just work. Ask them how their day went, stop for a second and hear for their kid's first day in school or about their recent vacation. Also, know how to exactly pass the vision you have about your company to them. Let them feel the vibe and the desire. Ask them if they need help, and if they do- help them. And always understand where they are coming from so they can do the same thing for you.
2. Delegate
When I say delegate I don't necessarily mean work. Delegate more than that. Your employees are not robots. Show them that you trust them and that they are capable. Ask your employees to lead a meeting or organize a company's event. Ask them whatever comes to your mind that is outside the business. It will have a real positive effect.
3. Inspire

Always be encouraging for your employees to creatively think. Creative thinking is the ultimate life savior. Just because you learned how to do something in one way, does not mean that way is the only way. Allow your employees to be creative because creativity is limitless. Give them chances to do mistakes. Let them learn from those mistakes. Let your employees show their true worth. You will be astonished.

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