The Main Reason For Increased Divorce Rates

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The Main Reason For Increased Divorce Rates

According to a research survey published by the TIME Magazine, women were found to be more emotional as compared to men. The root cause of the problem is that on the one hand, women are emotional and on the other hand, men are not able to tackle these emotions. It is this inability to tackle that becomes a source of friction.
When an issue arises between a couple, one of the two must play the role of a pacifist. But this does not happen and the problem only increases. Both man and woman think the issue is beyond management for them; whereas in reality the problem is that they both do not know how to manage it. Consequently, they arrive at a conclusion that separation was the only solution.
On the contrary, if either of them or a mediator would take time to pacify the matter, the situation could be dealt with differently. Emotions are temporary and once they settle normalcy prevails. All one needs to do is to carefully navigate through this time which is needed to settle the emotions down. It is the lack of maturity on the part of those involved that leads to a stalemate and consequently the relationship breaks.
As Dale Carnegie once said,
“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotions.”
It must be noted that friction between couples usually starts on trivial matters. Issues that are significant and involve one’s interest (like children/ property etc) serve as an impediment to drift apart. A judge once said, “A little youngster born to a couple is an assurance that their marriage would not be dissolved in a divorce court”.
As emotions are to women, stubbornness is to men. This stubbornness is an equal contributor of friction between the couple.
So, in essence, such a couple should either have a mediator or one of the two must have the wisdom to settle the matter on their own.

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