How Stay Focused and Motivated Towards Achieving Your Goals

How Stay Focused and Motivated Towards Achieving Your Goals

It's very hard to stay focused and motivated all the time , but that's what separates you from the ordinary .
In order to stay focused and motivated :
Concentrate on your present :with so much happening around the world, loads of data will be at your disposal . Our brain assimilates the info and we see them effecting us . You can't control what's happening outside of you good or bad , knowing this is wisdom and not detachment. You only have this moment, learn to live in it .
Know yourself :  it's very important to know what exactly you want and assess what skill and practices would take you there . If you are bad at sketching and you want to become an artist yiur chance of success would be slim . Know what you are good at and what drives you. 
Change the mindset :  instead of telling yourself 10 reasons that it can't be done, find one reason why it can be . Instead of thinkg about problems think about solutions . Be more analytical than emotional.
Set measurable goals :  Any destinations will have Journey . Break  your journey to small measurable paths . It will help you enjoy the journey without breaking down due to fatigue and weathering .
Sit, stare and Admire : important aspect to stay focused is to retrospect on the path you have treaded upon.Lessons  learned ,the milestone achieved .  Take time to witness them.
Stay away from Distractions  : The world has both good and bad , you will always have a choice to see , act and choose what you are bestowed with . Choose wisely .

  1. INTRINSIC MOTIVATION is the best kind of motivation.
  2. Know the purpose of your life and act accordingly. As they say “she who knows others is wise, she who knows herself is ENLIGHTENED”.
  3. Do not sit around waiting to get inspired. Instead, get up, dress up and do something everyday that will help you get closer to your goals.
  4. Visualize a step by step PLAN to achieve your goals and go through it every morning. This will help you stay focused all day.
  5. Wake up with a TO-DO LIST for the day and make sure you accomplish those tasks. This will definitely make you feel productive and content by the end of the day. (Works best for me)
  6. Quit procrastination. No, you don't have a tomorrow. No, you don't have a tonight. All that you have is a NOW.
  7. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people who encourage and support your ideas and goals.
  8. Pen down a few motivational quotes or your LIFE GOALS on a piece of paper and go through them whenever you feel low or might as well EVERYDAY.
  9. Read the stories of successful people. You will realize that the key ingredients of their success are DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE and HOPE.
  10. Find out not what you want but what you NEED in your life and chase it relentlessly. Life is too short to be lazy. They say.
  11. Keep that PEP TALK going even in your shower. This is where you come out with brilliant ideas.
  12. PAMPER yourself and dress your best. This will not only make you feel good about yourself but also boosts your confidence.
  13. Take some time out from your busy schedule and pursue things that makes your soul HAPPY. (Like a hobby)
  14. SMILE at people. Compliment them. Encourage them. (what goes around, comes around)
  15. Cultivate the habit of eating HEALTHY. Healthy food results in a healthy you and a healthy you will have all the energy to achieve greatness.
  16. Try and make yourself BETTER than what you were yesterday. You’re your only competition.
  17. Last but not the least- Do not forget to EXERCISE!!! Here goes one of my favorite quotes- “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and happy people just don't give up on their goals”.

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