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Reasons Why Most People Will Not Become Millionaires

Frankly speaking, most people will not become millionaires because of several reasons. Sad reality but true. Becoming a millionaire takes a lot and Here’s why they can't become millionaires

Reasons Why Most People Will Not Become Millionaires

1. Because they don’t have the courage to ask for it - they don’t even think it’s a possibility.

2. Because they want quick fixes, that course, that scheme, that shiny thing - they want it tomorrow but wealth is built long-term.

3. Because they are lazy thinkers - they don’t find better ways to provide value in the marketplace.

4. Because they don’t improve themselves - no time for financial literacy, developing skills, shifting mindset, etc.

5. Because they Procrastinate - Procrastination is the failure to take positive action. Procrastination is perhaps the greatest enemy of success and as such, the greatest roadblock to becoming a millionaire. Most people just drift by in life, without any particular purpose or direction. They spend many hours just drooling and daydreaming and doing nothing. As a result they end up becoming poor.

6. Because they don’t save money - you can’t make money work for you if you don’t have any.

7. Because they have bad beliefs about money - “money is evil” and “If you make millions, you take away from the poor”.

8. Because they are scarcely selfish - they don’t want to provide value instead just want to make a quick buck and run.

9. Because they don’t budget and live above their means - poor financial skills.

10. Because they lack purposeThe majority of people in the world lack purpose. What this means is that most people don’t really know why they exist. The most important question is not HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE but WHY YOU SHOULD BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

11. Because they lack ambitionLack of ambition means you cannot grow inwardly and outwardly as a person. Many people who conquered the world such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon, all had great burning ambitions.

12. Because they lack discipline - The world is full of failures who simply lacked financial discipline and proper planning. There’s no such thing as an accident. Every failure is a result of an error in human judgment.

13. Because they lack patience - Most people simply do not have the patience to become millionaires. They probably want to plant a seed and eat its fruit the following morning.

14. Because they lack focus - The greatest hindrance to financial success is lack of focus. Most millionaires I know are highly focused individuals.

15. Because they lack consistency

16. Because of the fear of failure - The greatest roadblock holding most people back from becoming rich is FEAR. The process of building and acquiring wealth feels out of reach and impossible to most people. Life is about taking risks, but the risks must be calculated. Learning how to analyze, calculate, manage and take calculated risk is a common trait many millionaires have.
17. Because they lack time management - It has often been said that “Time is Money” and it is. Most people will not even come near to becoming millionaires because they cannot manage their time.
Remember, money is a mindset game, fix yours.

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