Step By Step Guide to Help You Setup An Effective Facebook Ads

Step By Step Guide to Help You Setup An Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world has 2.4 billion users. Other social media platforms including Youtube and Whatsapp also have more than one billion users each.

These numbers are huge – there are over 7.7 billion people in the world, with at least 3.5 billion of us online. This means social media platforms are used by one-in-three people in the world and more than two-thirds of all internet users.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has a lot to offer to your business, and it can definitely help it grow if you know the right Facebook advertising tips. You cannot just post some content to your Facebook page and expect great results. You need to go beyond publishing great content if you want to get the highest return on investment from your marketing efforts.

Here's a step by step guide to help you run an effective Facebook Ads to get the best results from your marketing efforts;

1) Set Your Strategy: It's important that before you run your first ad that you're clear about what it is you're looking to accomplish. Otherwise, you'll fail before you start.

2) Engaging Ad Copy: Keep it short and to the point. Keep it relevant, based on the target audience. Don't use buzz words. Always use a call to action!

3) Interesting Photo: Faces work best, and use close-ups. Avoid logos, keep it interesting, and remember that your photo will be small, so pack it with power!

4) Effective Targeting: Don't waste your money on a demographic who won't be interested in your product. Are you only local? Focus there. Are women most likely to be interested in your product? Single women who like Oprah between the ages of 35 and 45? There you go. But always try multiple approaches and tailor the imagery and copy around that target audience.

5) Run Concurrent Campaigns: Try running two ads with the same copy and different photos, different photos and the same copy, different ads entirely, etc. to find out what works best. Even run them at the same time (yes, you'll compete with yourself) at a very low level to see what people respond to when given the choice.

6) Bidding and Budgeting: First, I always go CPM because I almost always spend less per click than I would with CPC. Second, there's no need to under bid. Assure you'll get into the rotation. You can over bid, as long as you're comfortable with that bid, you'll likely still pay less than you bid. I tend to bid in the suggested range, if not at the top.

7) Start Slow: There's no reason to waste your budget quickly on ads that don't work. I like to start out at a very low level, running at a few dollars. You'll likely know quickly if something isn't working. If no one is responding to the ad, pull it.

8) Monitor Closely: I've heard some people say to check in on your ads every few days or once a week. That's nonsense. You should micromanage them since things can change quickly, especially if every dollar you spend is important to you. Watch and react accordingly.

9) Accelerate What's Working: If you've run a test of five different ads and one far outperforms the others, run that ad into the ground. Run it until it no longer outperforms the other ads. Up the budget and up the velocity.

10) Know When to Hit "Stop": Eventually, people will get tired of even seeing the most effective ad. If they haven't responded to it after seeing it X times, they won't respond if you show it one more time. So monitor results, and know when to stop a campaign. You can always bring it back to life later on or make minor changes to put it back into the rotation.

11) Experiment Constantly - because half of Facebook's users log-in every day, you need to create multiple ads to grab their attention. Rotate the images, title, and body of your ad but also rotate the landing page you use if possible. Feel free to get creative! Try something new. Switch things up. You'll eventually find the magic bullet and an ad that far exceeds your expectations. But you won't find it without trying different approaches.

12) Use Promotion Codes - promo codes have long been known to increase CTRs in online advertising. If you do not have any easy way to employ a promo code, at least make a strong call to action in the ad. Asking questions in the ad is also an effective way to engage the user.

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