What is Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

What is Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of digital marketing that utilizes social platforms to promote an organization products or services through paid and unpaid means.

Social Media Marketing is what I believe to be a powerful marketing force of our generation.

There are two components to it Organic and Paid

1. Organic Marketing utilizes free methods for distributing your content. It is usually most effective once you already have an audience built up. 

2. Paid Marketing involves paying for more exposure on social media. Whether it be buying/paying Influencers or paying The platforms themselves to promote your content. Typically paid marketing is necessary to launch a brand and build initial awareness. The best brand usually use their paid marketing and their organic marketing as a sort of one, two punch. First they’ll get customers into their funnels with paid marketing (i.e collect emails, phone numbers etc) then they’ll sell you on their brand and thus their products through organic marketing (i.e newsletters, Instagram and Facebook posts, and web content/blogs).

Different social media networks/platforms

1. Facebook: offers many options including but not limited to videos, articles, events, marketplace etc.

2. Linkedin: helps employers connect with potential employees and is also a great platform for B2B Lead Generation

3. Instagram: is a visual medium for brands who are better off promoting their content with a visual only medium

4. YouTube: is a hub for video bloggers, instructors or any one who is interested in using strictly video content for their promotion

5. Twitter:  is used by businesses to stay in touch with their users in real-time with short messages and updates

Social Media Marketing has been and currently still is the most Underpriced marketplace brands can shop for attention.

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